This Note-Taking App is a Game Changer – Roam Research

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Today we’ll take a look at Roam Research, a note-taking app with an incredibly passionate following. Is Roam the best note-taking app ever created? It’s certainly got some unique features. Let’s take a look at them.

If you want to get up to speed with Roam FAST, check out my friend Nat Eliason’s course “Effortless Output in Roam”: https://collegeinfogeek.com/go/roamcourse/

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– Conor White-Sullivan’s demo of Roam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcNW-eidDJk
– Niklas Luhmann: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niklas_Luhmann
– Great article on the Zettelkasten concept: https://writingcooperative.com/zettelkasten-how-one-german-scholar-was-so-freakishly-productive-997e4e0ca125

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  1. UPDATE: My friend Nat Eliason (who is way more knowledgeable about Roam than I am) launched a course called Effortless Output in Roam: https://collegeinfogeek.com/go/roamcourse/ 👈 check it out if you want to quickly gain a deep understanding of how to use Roam to its max potential.

    (this is an affiliate link)

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    – Used a second camera on a slider to mix up the A-roll. The crews I've worked with on my Skillshare classes have done this, but I'd never done it myself. Couldn't bring myself to cut to Camera B without looking at it, though.
    – Got a lot better at using multi-camera sequences. There are three "cameras" running – the two normal cameras, plus a screen recording. Making them all a multi-cam sequence kept everything in sync; I was then able to make copies of that multi-cam sequence, using the 2nd for the screen recording and tweaking its timing relative to the main copy in order to make things smoother.
    – Learned how to reverse a clip for this video! Bet you can't figure out which clip is reversed (hint: It could be video or audio)

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    P.S. – What note-taking app are you using these days? And are there any other apps for which you'd like to see a similar video?

  2. Inzo قال:

    The world come where an youtuber teaches how to take notes to scholars who use physical Books and study to be successful mostly ! SMH all sponsorship nonsense though…

  3. Juri قال:

    That haircut though

  4. Can you make a video on Obsidian too?

  5. gonzi8046 قال:

    Trying to pay attention to the video but I keep going back to your hair :D. Keep up the good work!

  6. TAXH قال:

    Still stick to my onenote with onenote gem, way better

  7. MrVoltog قال:

    The amount of non-relevant comments in this is too high.

  8. This video is a game changer : Introduced me to Dynalist !! 😛

  9. Roam research is not free, os very expensive, please alternatives

  10. Jim Deane قال:

    [ so it’s a wiki then ]

  11. Who wants to pay $15 a month for that app. No thanks.

  12. RaagaTech قال:

    Can you make video or notion vs roam?

  13. Krei Zii قال:

    I got Notion two days ago….and now I'm using it to remind me to check on Roam's availability…
    LOL, the irony.

  14. crazy expensive.

  15. Rick قال:

    this is great! are there any other apps that support collapse/expand for lists?

  16. Nothing matches notion!❤️

  17. 900tks قال:

    You had me at Luhmann 🙂 Greetings from a place not far from Bielefeld.

  18. Eric قال:

    just subscribed and i guess you just shill other peoples' products? do they pay you on top of your skillshare sponsorshop?

  19. WHY COOK قال:

    Gotta say notion is way much better, it’s like creating a Wikipedia for personal uses

  20. Jo d قال:

    Evernote the best….only need some linking and todo kanban style

  21. Notion does these things for free.

  22. The do? No. Just no.

  23. "Roam is a tool for bottom>up associative thought, it is not a tool for top>down hierarchical organisation' …pause, repeat sentence …[think..this is a great sentence]

  24. Just open a folder on your device called “Notes” then just stick ever note taking app in that, case closed.

  25. Myca قال:

    Can you make a review on Additor Thomas? It also allows collaboration, lots and lots of useful features!

  26. Jonathan قال:

    I feel like there needs to be an honorable mention to the best FREE note-taking app. I often use Sublime Text with Markdown Editing and Markdown preview Plug. Combine this with the Markdown viewer chrome plugin. It's a little techy, but It's free, super-fast/functional, fully customizable, fast, and supports tools like advanced find-replace using regex. It also keeps all the files on your computer, if you are worried about cloud security.

  27. Research vomit was the working title of my dissertation

  28. I was all about it until I saw the price… I'm not paying an reoccurring fee just to take notes lol

  29. Outdex قال:

    when will i be able to write typed expressions in sth like that and compile them?

  30. iamsas777 قال:

    Beware of that this is not a free application and that they only inform you about the costs AFTER you created an account. Given that it happens a lot more that data gets hacked, I regret having created an account here.

  31. I use WikiPad. Less fancy but free.

  32. 1995yuda قال:

    Dat hair though. I'm going bald lol is this the universe trolling me

  33. Is there a drawing feature?

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