Breaking EIDL UPDATES -Withdrawn Application? – Avoid Delays for the Loans + Grants

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A withdrawn EIDL application can create major delays! Important reminders to avoid mistakes! Grants are now available for 2021 applicants, $15,000 and moving fast. Priority 1 applicants are experiencing a new glitch!

We need to finish Priority 1 and 2! The SBA suggested low number of targeted advance applications were received.

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Low Income MAP

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Call SBA
RS Locator

Low Income MAP
Bank Returns Video https://youtu.be/8fkQ0X39IaY

Written Increase Request Video

Email to Change Bank Account Info or Change Email Address

Attach a pdf of a voided check and a pdf of front and back of Drivers License.

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Application Number ACH Returned

Hello SBA, my ACH has been returned. (If applicable). I need to update my bank account. Could you kindly assist.

My information is below:

New Bank Account Number
New Bank Account Routing Number
Application Number
Loan Number
Business Name
Business Address
Business Owner Name(s)
Phone Number(s)

Thank you,

Do this for Grant Reevaluation and if you were not denied, but simply did not receive the portal or did not receive your invite.
[email protected]; [email protected]

Subject Line: Reevaluation Request for [Insert 10 digit application number]

In Email

Hello Reevaluation Team,

I was directed to email you. I do not have a portal [or other glitch issue] and therefore do not have the ability to submit my 4506-T through the portal. I was not denied and have been stuck here since February. I am requesting a written form to process my Targeted Advance.

Application Number
Business Name
Business Address
Business Owner Name(s)
and Phone Number(s)
Include reason for denial if known and explanation with documents to demonstrate you qualify
SBA will contact you for additional info if needed
Ask Bilder is not a Certified public accountant or a licensed attorney. This content is brought to you from numerous sources off the Internet. This is my perspective on the content contained in the video. Please consult with your CPA or licensed attorney that is closest to your business. The step by step tutorial was performed during Round 1 PPP and may not reflect the most up to date step by step processing. Please check with the lender during the application process to avoid mistakes. Thank you!

واتساب بلس
حيلة المثيرة قيادة السيارة المجنونة 35# – سباق سيارات – العاب سيارات – ألعاب أندرويد
تطبيقات تسمح باختراق الخصوصية.. هل تستخدمونها؟ – أخبار الدار

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  6. Michael Jennifer قال:


  7. VJ Rei قال:

    1. Their system does not want to accept my Wells Fargo account. We tried about 30 times and it kept giving an error.
    2. The loan officer asked me for the EIN number confirmation from the IRS, she wanted a new document from the IRS saying they recognize my EIN number. The loan officer told me I could do it online in a few minutes. Well… she was wrong, it takes two weeks to get it in paper or IRS will fax it to you… you need to have a fax machine.

    Today was a disaster! She was of no help and she had very bad temper, asking me for things to be done today. Again, their system was giving problems with my Wells Fargo checking account routing and this new document she wanted.

  8. Thi Le قال:

    I need help everyone! My loan increase application on process but I have a email from SBA officer send me and they asked me send them tax refund for my business and my business license. The thing is I am self employed (1099). I have approval my loan last year and EIDL. But I do send them my photo ID back and front. What can I do because self employed I don’t have business registration and license? What the business tax refund? Please help

  9. Gunner Eisenberg قال:

    Has anyone else gone through this?
    Our EIDL loan officer is asking us for proof of being in business before January, 31st 2020 and a summary of what our business does.
    We have them a copy of our corporate paperwork, company cell phone bill and a invoice/contract.
    Please comment 🙏🏼

  10. nick trabulsy قال:

    I have been waiting for 5 weeks for my restaurant revitalization grant. I am still under review. Any help I am a veteran.

  11. Brett Ritchie قال:

    Here I sit. Waiting,waiting, waiting, I requested my loan increase on April 8th. I was invited to the portal on April 23rd. I requested more funds that very day. I haven't heard anything back from the SBA.
    My portal says Loan request in process. I called the SBA several times. I even had Senator Mike Braun's office call them. They have no futher details.
    I called about a week ago and reached a very nice lady by the name of Daphne. She indicated that I had been assigned a loan officer by the name of Angela. She said if I was assigned a loan officer it was like hitting the lottery. Well, I don't feel like I hit the lottery because I am still waiting to hear from Angela.
    Daphne told me that Angela was waiting for my tax transcripts. I told Daphne that she already has my transcripts from the previous loan I received. She says, oh yes I see them right here!
    Pause for a moment…how would the loan officer not know that she has my transcripts already!?! This is a LOAN INCREASE, NOT A NEW APPLICATION!!
    Im sorry but this process makes no sense! How could you not know that you already have all the information you need from me!?!
    I could tell you all about how my business is going to go down the drain if I don't receive capital fast but I will spare you the sob story. I just feel hopeless at this point. I feel like my whole world is crumbling into pieces while I wait for some lady named Angela to call me or send me an email, or even look at my application again. I picture her standing by the water cooler with her coworkers eating donuts and laughing about her great weekend cook out with her family while I'm sitting here sick to my stomach with a pounding headache wondering how I will pay my employee's and car notes and insurance next month. Sleepless nights. Dispare, sadness.

  12. TheJcruz5 قال:

    For bank returns they are updating there system and waiting on that after they verify your new account

  13. Maureen Wilson قال:

    starky.tools_ on Instagram helped me with my SBA loan application and I was credited!

  14. Nicholas Jones قال:

    starky.tools_ on Instagram is the best for any loan application. I recommend.

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  17. adam weah قال:

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  18. Jessica Howard قال:

    I received my 1st PPP round , for approximately $5400 via Chime. I just called ahead to validate/confirm.
    Round 2, was cut off ( out of funding) right after I had submitted my app to the SBA and signed via DocuSign. Applied for the Eidl loan on 6/12/21, fingers crossed!

  19. Tamara Bailey قال:

    Am I able to call the SBA and ask if I have a loan officer?

  20. Abdelouaheb Benhadjslama قال:

    I got denied for my increase than I wrote to PDC after 2 days they ask me 4506T and most recent tax return so I sent it to them after one day they told me they sent my application to next step one day later PDC emailed me saying my application number is not on the system

  21. Michael Gomez قال:

    I didnt pass for the eidl. For sure i was down for more than 30%. But i got paid in cash a few times.im sole proprietor.its to risky. I gotta talk to a sba rep before i apply for the grant. But all critirias met.. Stay safe you all GOD BLESS.

  22. Ronnie Lodge قال:

    SBA loan officer finally email me on Friday stating I got 7 days to send them the info they requesting. They ask for a full copy of my 2019 business tax return, completed copy of form 2202, hazard insurance and a certification letter.

  23. samklasvegas قال:

    For the people who still waiting after 45 days bunch of us here is been waiting for increase since June 27 -2020.

  24. Lee Lovetennis قال:

    Edward you need to be careful. You are telling people ( Independent contractor frauds) how to file stamped tax returns. The DOJ is all over these people . If someone has a legit business they would have filed there business ( Schedule C) long ago. Your going to get yourself caught up the DOJ ( FBI) are watching all these You Tubbers like yourself to see if they are going to chrage them with Conspiracy as in the next 6 months many , many arrests and charges are coming on these Independent Contractors

  25. ••**•••**• قال:

    The grant asks that I have receipts for gross income from 01/2019 , I wasn't a sole proprietor until 07/2019 but wasn't bringing in income until 12/2019 therefore my taxes do not reflect income. My bank statements show very little . I do have bank statements from 11/2019 . And due to covid I've had no income since 04/2021 to current . Will this work?

  26. Aziz LeBeau قال:

    What is average waiting time for 4506T from the IRS to SBA ?
    Thank you

  27. dennis barrow قال:

    I talked to the sba and they told me that I can not send them my irs transcripts. They have to come from the irs. I have my irs transcripts for the years they are trying to get. But they will not accept them. So they just told me to wait.

  28. Tara Howard قال:

    Thank you if possible could you share business resolution clip?

  29. KNGRAN قال:

    They responded saying they are waiting for the IRS to send them my taxes. Is this normal? Couldn't i just send them my tax return?

  30. joni metcalf قال:

    Still haven't received email for #EIDL increased loan. It's a nightmare. Call every week, they just say to WAIT.

  31. lilhector قال:

    Bilder damn finally that damn blue button showed up i submitted it and the next day i got the call from the sba and my targeted grant got approved after i sent them a copie of my picture ID. Thanks for all the help.

  32. Brittany McGlashan قال:

    I'm still waiting for them to send the money back to me been waiting since April 27th

  33. Shanel Gamble قال:

    I have a question,

    I received the loan for 1st draw and the way I received my funds was through CASH APP. So being that they are not using app banking, how could I change my banking information before it gets rejected? (I have been approved for additional funding) I don’t have a way to update this information since the sba portal states “The information on this page cannot be edited since it’s already submitted for processing.”

    Would I email sba and let them know I need to change my banking information before it gets rejected?

  34. moondxog3 قال:

    Can you guys comment how long your reevaluation took IF it did get approved eventually?

  35. Juan Blanco قال:

    Supposedly you can use your direct deposit form from you bank in order to verify your account INSTEAD of a void check per SBA!

  36. Smith James قال:

    Hackermick60 on instagram Is the best person that know what to do about ppp loan and fix the errors 🧳♻️

  37. Smith James قال:

    Hackermick60 on instagram Is the best person that know what to do about ppp loan and fix the errors 🧳♻️

  38. Smith James قال:

    Hackermick60 on instagram Is the best person that know what to do about ppp loan and fix the errors 🧳♻️

  39. Smith James قال:

    Hackermick60 on instagram Is the best person that know what to do about ppp loan and fix the errors 🧳♻️

  40. Susan Sayer قال:

    45.days and got a response from loan increase department. Generic ofcourse…we are going in the order received. Sure you are! That was put in on April 29th! Oh well at least it is a step.forward. NADA on my grant reevaluation yet! Maybe a LO will help me as I heard they have helped others…

  41. Cindy Strong قال:

    I did your [email protected]sab.gov to tell them I don't have a portal and it just came back saying no address!

  42. Fernand Sokegbe قال:

    Let’s say I accept the increase but change my mind how do I cancel it then?

  43. rolando mendoza قال:

    My grant been stuck on “ processing “ highlighted green for over 7 weeks.

  44. Natashia Fawn قال:

    I was denied for not being in a low income area. What do I do?

  45. Trina Bailey قال:

    I’ve contacted you because I never received my approval $10,000 but now I’m getting confused about this new increase how? To apply if you goes back the process starts over and kicks you out the system

  46. 77 WINNER قال:

    Since April that I submitted my increase request, I did not get any e-mail and nothing change on my portal. Is it normal.?

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