Android 11 review: the most important settings

Android 11 is officially here. It’s out for Google Pixels and even some OnePlus phones. In this review, Dieter Bohn looks at the key settings you need to know to corral chat conversations, bubbles, location permissions, media controls, and the new power menu. The job of any mature OS is managing complexity and Android 11 just barely pulls it off.

00:00 Intro
01:50 Bubbles / Chat Heads
03:30 Media controls
04:37 Power menu
06:30 Additional small features
06:57 Android 11 on different devices
08:58 What’s next

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  1. The Verge قال:

    What feature are you most interested in?

  2. How do u change sample rate and bit depth?

  3. Well in Android 11 with MIUI 12.5 on my Poco X3 Pro my Bluetooth controller won't connect to my phone. Even though I could connect no problem on my previous phone that had Android 11 and MIUI 12 which was a Poco X3 NFC ! I hope Google or Poco fixes this soon ! Maybe it's a problem with MIUI 12.5, I don't know ?

  4. Me at 8pm: getting android 11.
    Me at 4am: done setting up everything.

  5. *android is a "mature" OS and things can't change rapidly*

    Android S: hold my curves

  6. Can u imagine him saying that again when android 12 comes out he said no real os changes I think he loves iOS to much to review anything else

  7. Lol how things changed slowly from Android 10 to 11 and then yeeted to 12 like 😂

  8. when is going to be the update on the samsung s9+?

  9. You began on the second step. When you come from Android 6 like me you really do a hard survey to find the settings.

  10. Jay Paans قال:

    Fun fact: you say "What I want for Android 12…", and then I was looking at the right column of suggestions and the is your video of Android 12. Gonna view it right now 🙂

  11. Jay Paans قال:

    When will it come to Fairphone 3?

  12. Jay Paans قال:

    Words like "make sure its turned on" are not appropriate. I'll be deciding for myself wether to turn something on or off, thanks 🙂

  13. I just got this update on my TMobile Revel 5G 🙌

  14. the "bubbles" feature is an old school feature. Glad to see it is back

  15. who agrees that the adroid 11 look likes android 9

  16. Krythix قال:

    If you go to Apple's official page for iPadOS 15 preview, you'll see a real estate sign in the upper left corner of the page with a link. Go there >:D
    Don't ask how I may or may not have done this lol. It's amazing what you can do with just a few bucks and a massive oversight from one of the world's biggest companies.

  17. Aman YT قال:

    Android 11 open file manager and see nothing

  18. I despise forced updates. Every update seems to bring more and more features that I hate and never wanted in the first place. The only thing worse than forced updates would be switching to an iPhone.

  19. I see Microsoft Surface Duo in the background. 🌼

  20. 2/3rd's of the way through – let's talk about the "elephant in the room" – "we're really talking about the Pixel phones". No wonder I couldn't follow along with my Ultra Note 20 (despite it running Android 11)

  21. Saeed قال:

    Why Nobody is talking or testing the new ''Ethernet tethering'' option in the Hotspot setting!!

  22. Simply waste android 11 because after update phone Performance bis very slow. Please don't update this.

  23. Ottomatic قال:

    where is the power menu on the galaxy? All I see is power off, restart, and emergency mode

  24. Party قال:

    Motorola phones just got Android 11 lol

  25. Douwe boer قال:

    I love the android 11 works great, find its comparable to the apple and Hawaii!! Four and half stars!

  26. I updated mine , When I play games I experienced a lot of frame drops

  27. 4G_spectre قال:

    Iphone new version buy new phone
    Android new version update to latest👍👍👍👍

  28. I didn't want to know how it has changed. I wanted to know how it works.

  29. Brian Finn قال:

    I'm not wearing a mask. They don't do anything.

  30. i like the part where the nsa and cia spy on you and big tech companies sell your privacy to government and third party entities and they use your information to manipulate your thoughts . god i love smart phones and google.

  31. How do i change the volume output i could use apps before but now i cant and i have the headphone jack stuck inside my phone someone pls respond

  32. R M قال:

    please come to the point. days have gone when people used to watch long long intros.

  33. Really, better timing!!!! I have a Moto G Stylus 2020 and just today received the Android 11 update.

  34. First video and already a HUGE FAN, best channel i have seen so far.

    From a technology geek.

  35. It's now out for the Motorola moto g power

  36. I just received it yesterday on my Motorola G8 Power 👍

  37. Uche Oji قال:

    Anyone else bored with phone tech?

  38. Rex قال:

    The bubbles existed on my phone already with the Android 10…

  39. r a قال:

    No specificity for Android 12 wish?

  40. Domihork قال:

    Why is everyone making such a big deal about the bubbles? Messenger has been doing that for years, it's nothing new. And at one point, Android 9 (at least on Samsung) allowed users to turn on bubbles for WhatsApp and SMS as well. But they were a bit clumsy (they were always separate from Messenger and unlike Messenger, they didn't attach themselves to the edge of the screen) so they removed it. And now they brought it back and everybody's like "oh my god, I've never seen such a revolutionary idea)

  41. I still don't know what Bixby is or do
    I love the no permission app killer

    Glad I don't use 95 % of this stuff

  42. Hemant W قال:

    Perfect…Nokia8.1 updates is same..upated to Android 11 with nothing.

  43. Helen G قال:

    I'm assuming this andriod update was only for the newer gen phones? S20 and up? ☹ guess I gotta finally upgrade from the s9

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