Android 14 – Google RESPONDS to iPhone 14 🔥

Android 14 official. As iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro announcement is days away. Google decides to make the big ANDROID 14 feature official for 2023 Galaxy S23 Series and other android devices eligible to run Android 14. Google said we’re designing for satellites. Excited to support our partners in enabling all of this in the next version of Android!.” Google has confirmed the next version of Android here is Android 14.

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  1. Brian قال:

    Go Google! Kick Apple's Butt

  2. Pervy Sage قال:

    No one would notice if someone says that their iPhone 13 is new iPhone 14..

  3. Well apple should have to think bigger than this. Kiddos to Android🙃

  4. Dylan Coon قال:

    Does this mean no more blurry picstures over texts ?

  5. Lol 🤣 satellite 🛰️ connection because we always go get lost etc.

  6. I like your content, but man do I hate your voice. The way you over enunciate words is one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard from a humans lips. I'd say no offense, but that'd be pointless now. Again though I do enjoy your content in general.

  7. And why should I need slow satalite network? I never has issiues with my mobile network. Satalite is so much slower and of course will not be free. So why should I want that?

  8. what BS? to have satellite connectivity , you cannot just upgrade to android 14, you need a phone with a Sat com chip inside , cos it is nothing like cellular … LMAO on this seriously … it's like when people said to upgrade to IOS 7 to make their old iPhone waterproof cos the upcoming iPhone 7 was water resistant… as dumb as this…

  9. John Clark قال:

    All praise to GOOGLE!

    Android 14 will be great on my GOOGLE PIXEL!

  10. Any information about the one ui5 official roll out date?

  11. iMessage and battery life for iPhones are somewhat I am jealous of as Android user.

  12. I wish Android was not this fragmented though. My phone is yet to receive Android 12.

  13. Invasion of privacy and/or data will continue to be compromised. Noone gives a damn

  14. Mr Yakada قال:

    Well at At&t if you trade in any galaxy s or Note series device. You can get a free Flip or 1000 off the fold – you can trade in an galaxy s1 and get a free phone. For new and existing customers.

    That’s why they’re selling more phone- they are almost giving them away.

  15. Michael G قال:

    Interesting, so this will be done via software updates not hardware?

  16. Joel Diaz قال:

    im going to Mars in 2 years.

  17. LGellson قال:

    What is the name of the widget on 0:37 sec. How can I download that widget?

  18. Great! Another feature that was never gonna get used on an iPhone anyway.

  19. Android vs iOS competition is a BLESSING for consumers.

  20. red is sus قال:

    bro has been clickbaiting for so long now

  21. Seems like we won't need mobile Sims in future

  22. p a قال:

    Satellite connectivity you will always be traceable no matter where you are.
    Question is for who this feature has been created?

  23. Isaac 1990 قال:

    Is satellite connectivity a software installation or hardware installation?

    If it's hardware installation, then I'll wait for the S24 Ultra in 2024, after I bought the S23 Ultra in 2023 by trading in my S22 Ultra.

  24. More surveillance on the card

  25. Can you show us the video of S22U vs Fold 4 battery comparison video?

  26. Let them fight 🔥Ultimately we will be benefitted

  27. Even I didn't get Android 12 in my phone. And Android 14 is here🙄😪😪😪

  28. NPP7 قال:

    I am expected

  29. Apple always does it better

  30. This means nothing until google can actually make a working fingerprint scanner or better yet…. a flawless face unlock packed with security.

  31. This is not something you bring out of a hat like a rabbit……..they must have been planning this for quite a while now so no way is it some gimmick to steal Apple's thunder…….Well Done Google! And as always android is of everyone not just one brand.

  32. Yes even Elon Musk has stated in regards to the t mobile collab that the connectivity should work on all previous phones so I’m not sure why Apple is only making it exclusive to iPhone 14 when the iPhone 13 is more than capable in achieving satellite connectivity

  33. The crazy thing is i use to have a Samsung 3 and use to use the GPS on the bus without mobile data. I use to put it on airplane mode to preseve my battery because i didnt want to kill my phone before i got to my destination so i wouldn't be lost. Soo its crazy i feel like they take awaythings and put them back.

  34. HodgeMan قال:

    If it wasn't for Tesla Pi and Elon, none of these phone brands would be talking about satellite connectivity. I love how no one is talking about that.

  35. M-Funkshun قال:

    Google/Android has no need to answer to Apple. Android's features, and attendant hardware, are often years ahead of iPhone and iOS.
    Apple is still trying to figure out how to get rid of that notch, after spending the last five years telling us we actually love it. 
    Then Apple needlessly throws the notch onto the new MBPs and Airs as some sort of reassurance that the notch is what we've really needed, while they surreptitiously attempt to get it off their phone post-haste. Is the notch a deal breaker? No. Is it ugly-as-hell? Yup. But it goes beyond the notch. It's the elevation of fashion above function and Apple seems to have excelled in this regard. That and charging its loyal customer base beaucoup bucks for hyped-up, proprietary goods, that often can't do what their competitors can.
    Apple is to be admired for their ecosystem, refinement, and marketing but for day-to-day use, iPhone has felt antiquated since at least the 2017 release of the Samsung 8 and Note lineup.

  36. On my iPhone, I can simply tap on the top of the screen to scroll to the top of the page, is there a similar feature on the S22?

  37. Joe Joe قال:

    Oh god spaceex is a joke though

  38. Xgaming55 قال:

    Android 14 needs to come to the note 8 phones and more

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